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16 October 2011 @ 08:12 pm
Hey all!
i just joined this morning :)
I was at the group meeting last night, and finally figured that i needed to get on here and find you all.
I was wondering if all my new friends from the party would friend me since i dont really know all your IDs.
Ofcourse I am completely open and wanting to getting to know lots more of you if you weren't at the meeting :)
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11 October 2011 @ 02:07 pm
So, we're definitely having the party on Saturday, October 15th (this saturday!) and people are welcome to start arriving around 4pm. Now, as it's a potluck (Yaaay!) we need to figure out what everyone wants to bring, I assume? The roommate and I have all flatware/silverware/etc handled, trust me, but have not yet decided on what we're making. (Oops.)

Poll #1785878 So, food!

What, generally, would you like to bring?

Main dish!
Side dish!
Dessert type thing!
idk chips, etc?
drinks! (We have no beer, etc. If you want alcohol, you're on your own!)
ETA: Oh! And if you need our address/directions, PM me!
05 October 2011 @ 12:35 pm
Hey y'all! It's been a while since hawkelf and I hosted a party, but we're thinking about having one sometime this month. We'd be hosting another potluck, and it'll be time for one of our members to advance in rank! 

We're still  deciding on which weekend, but we'd probably do best on Saturday, Oct. 15, though that's not necessarily definite? The weekend of the 22nd is also a possiblity, but we'll be recuperating from a bunch of school events. 

So, uh...poll?

Poll #1784508 Party date!

When can you attend?

Oct. 15
Oct. 16
Oct. 22

Open to suggestions on entertainment! Remember, we have...an insane amount of movies. If you need our address/directions, just pm me!

03 October 2011 @ 06:50 pm
There is a 7:00 pm show on Tuesday, October 5th that I am planning on attending

It's at Barrywoods North which is on Barry Road north of the river.

I believe treksnoopy will be there also. If you're interested in meeting up please send me a message through LJ.

Hope to see you there.
29 September 2011 @ 06:26 pm
Star Trek is back in IMAX from September 30 through October 6th at several local theaters.

Is any one interested in maybe doing a group outing to see it?

08 August 2011 @ 10:13 am
Hello Crew!

The poll ended in a dead heat between the 13th and the 20th... but the Trophy Wife played the trump card and vetoed the 20th at my house because she's working this weekend. Plus, my beloved Red Sox are playing the Royals on the 20th, and I got tickets for the Saturday game so I could bring my mom.  Yeah... baseball... my other love. Captain Sisko would approve.

Anyway, people wanted the pot-luck, so here are the plans:

Party Date: Saturday, August 13th.
Theme: Pot Luck
Special Stuff: It's a birthday bonanza, and we shall be celebrating four birthdays within the crew. (No, you don't need to bring presents, silly people. Just show up and celebrate with us.)

3:00 PM -- Doors open. Feel free to start arriving for general socializing, and snacking on whatever munchies people have already brought and put out for nibbling. I might start a video on the TV in the Geek Cave for people to watch and relax.
5:00 PM -- The chili should be ready, and we can have a proper dinner.
6:00 PM -- The movies begin! We shall be showing "Free Enterprise" as the headliner, and then whatever other movie(s) and episode(s) strike our fancy. Feel free to bring DVD's with you.

As usual, the party ends when we're too tired to function. If you can't come early, then arrive whenever you can get there. If you need to leave early, go ahead and don't worry about it. I don't mind if people arrive or leave at any particular time.

If you need to stay for the night, due to intoxication or exhaustion, I have four futons, a couch, and other soft squishy things appropriate for supporting exhausted humanoids, and you are welcomed to sleep on one of those items.

PLEASE BRING: A food or drink item for the pot luck.

PLEASE RSVP below in a comment. Also, to help with planning so that people can see what other folks are bringing, please let us know in your comment what sort of food or drink you are bringing.

So, I think that's everything. Hailing frequencies open!
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26 July 2011 @ 11:22 am
Ahoy Crew!

Obviously, it's been far too long since we've had a proper meetup. There was Trek Fest in June, which (due to circumstances beyond the control of most crew members) had very low participation. Very sad. Must do more next year, yes? July was Too Fucking Busy (TM) for a meetup, but August is ripe for the picking. In addition, the Captain's Mom is going to be in town for two weekends... and she's a Trek fan, too. She'll be here on Saturday, August 13th and August 20th. (We seem to have most of our parties on Saturday, so I'm going to guess those dates will be the most popular, but I'll post the other options, too.)

I'd be most interested in having the party on the 13th, but which day works best for most of you guys? The planning poll is posted below. As usual, PLEASE select ALL days that you would be able/willing to attend the party, and all options that interest you for the type of party. If you have no particular preference, click ALL of them.

If you have particular ideas and such, post a comment.

Also... I brought back trinkets and swag for everyone from the Star Trek convention in Boston. :D

And now... on with the poll!

Poll #1764857 August Party Planning

What days could you attend a USS Macchiato Party?

Saturday, August 13th
Sunday, August 14th
Friday (evening), August 19th
Saturday, August 20th
Sunday, August 21st

What type of meetup would appeal to you?

Dinner at a restaurant (McCoys?) then party and movie at the Captain's Quarters.
Classic Pot-Luck party with movies and geeking.
Come on, Captain... get creative. I'll explain my idea in a comment below.
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11 June 2011 @ 05:52 pm
The final countdown to Trek Fest is on!

According to the POLL we did, we've got eight people who said they'd attend Trek Fest. I made it clear that voting in the poll was NOT considered a "promise" to be there, but just an indication of interest and likelihood of going, so if you can't make it, that's fine. Would the following people please confirm that they are planning to come, or say that they are unable to attend?

hawkelf , burnmybody , popefelix , treksnoopy , alphabet26 , cadet_jailbait , cedarrapidsgirl

Also, if anyone else wants to come, PLEASE REPLY BELOW.

The current plan is:

- I'll reserve 2 hotel rooms at the Riverside Hotel and Casino. We'll divide evenly between the rooms. Costs will be divided up, too. Unfortunately, I fail at making early reservations, and they don't currently have any non-smoking rooms with two queen beds. I have reserved the following:
- Two nonsmoking rooms with king beds.
- One smoking room with two queen beds.
The cost of the rooms is $169/night.

Alternately, we can make reservations at one of the nearby towns in a less expensive hotel.

- We'll leave Kansas City, from my house, in the morning on Friday, June 24th. I think we should leave no later than 9:00 AM. That way, we can get to Riverside, get settled in the hotel, freshen up, and get into costumes (if desired) before going into town for the evening activities. (Last year, we left after 11:00 AM, and the events were already starting by the time we arrived.) I volunteer my car for one of the vehicles, and can hold four comfortably, five if we squish. Basically, we'll need one more person to volunteer to drive. Gas shouldn't be too bad if we split the cost amongst all the passengers.

- We'll leave Riverside on Sunday after check-out time at the hotel, and should be back in Kansas City by late afternoon or early evening.

So, if these plans DON'T work for anyone who would like to come, please speak up and we can modify the plan. If you're one of the people who said you'd come in the poll, please either CONFIRM or RESCIND your RSVP in a comment below. If you hadn't planned to come, but would like to come now, please let me know as soon as possible.
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25 May 2011 @ 06:55 pm
I've started an auction comm help_midwest for the areas devastated by tornadoes and storms this month. Right now we are doing writing and art, I will probably also offer a crafting auction. If you would like to participate you'll have my eternal gratitude. Or if you'll just give it a signal boost in your own journal I would appreciate it.

13 May 2011 @ 08:16 pm
Okay, my fellow geeks and dear USS Macchiato crew members... my wife is feeling well enough to let me have a party this weekend!  HUZZAH!

I know, it's last minute. I don't expect a huge crowd... but hey, stranger things have happened.  I propose the following:

- Meet at my house around 6:00 PM.  (PM me for directions if you need to.) Bring food to share if you wish, and we can also order pizza, delivery.
- We shall watch episodes, movies, or maybe non-Trek geekery. Big Bang Theory? Farscape? Random craziness? It's all good.
- We shall disband the party when we're too tired to function.

Four futons, a couch, an air mattress, and a guest bed are available for overnight houseguests.

Who's in?

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